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Our Lady Peace rips the Dome!

Calgary Sun, January 23 '98

Our Lady Peace, the astonishingly popular Canadian juggernaut, tore into an unhinged crowd of 9,000 at the Canadian Airlines Saddledome last night after a rollicking opening set by California's Everclear.
Iconic Our Lady Peace singer Raine Maida's glam-tinged voice captivated the frighteningly enthusiastic young crowd from opening power chord to last.
The band should now be considered one of the flag-bearers of grunge after the demises of Nirvana and Soundgarden, but their take on the Seattle sound is a more populist one, with a sense of community among listeners lacking from most late-'90s rock shows.
The opening notes of Naveed elicited a reaction from the crowd unlike any in recent memory, and the ensuing performance was tremendously emotional.
Through a catalogue of hits ranging from Starseed to Superman's Dead, Our Lady Peace put on a show that probably worked better in expanse of a stadium than in the confines of a small club.
Maida was masterful at handling the large crowd, at times climbing in among them to sing.
Everclear also impressed beyond expectations.
Frontman Art Alexakis delivered a raw assault worthy of the furious Elvis Costello performances of the late '70s.
And somewhere amid the performance was a hint Alexakis had a vision that might save him from becoming the latest casualty in a line of overly sincere white male rockers infecting North America since Kurt Cobain's death.

By Ryan DeGama - The Calgary Sun