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Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch Lyric's

Our Lady Peace
1999 Sony Music Canada
all words by Raine Maida 

1. One Man Army

Take these plastic people
Read their lips, now let it linger
Is there anything that makes them sound 
Tightly hold your hand
Take a deep breath, give them the finger
Are you worried
That your thoughts are not quite clear?
Overlooked, unfit appearance

I remember falling
I remember marching
like a one man army
Through the blaze
I remember coughing I believe in something
I don't want to remember falling
For their lies

Unbutton your clothes
Undress your soul, show them your vigor
are those inhibitions easiest to fear?
Take this gasoline tin
Head up high, walk like a winner
Let the bare feet be the last sound
that they hear.

2. Happiness and the Fish

I confess
Everyone is overweight
and I'm obsessed
Talking is just masturbating
Without the mess
addiction leaves you sad today
& unimpressed
I can't remember all the names because
Everyone you meet today
Is just so fucking vain

Bored again by happiness 
All those friends I've (die) lost in there

I'm upset
Happiness is not a fish
That you can catch
Imagination can't resist
This Laziness
That pins you down, get on your knees
Everyone you meet today
Is feeling useless & ashamed

3. Potato Girl

We live, We die
I don't the reasons we ask why
WE hate, we push
Recent tests show we all are
misunderstood .

Something's seizing
You know you lost your mind
You know we all need saving
She found you late last night
You feel the madness gaining
You know you just can't win
You know this

But I'm just so tired of waking up on the

I never knew the girl
And I never knew the world hurt

We beg, We pray
But everything still happens anyway
Something's teasing
Your consience can't decide
She stopped your will from caving
But left you paranoid

You feel the constant straining
She reappears divine
You noticed
But I'm just so tired of waking up all 

4. Blister

Lately I can't breathe
Waiting they're chasing me
No one listens but I'm ok with it

Only I wonder why
If only my hands weren't tied
The World's a blister
But I'm ok with it

What if I was there
What if I was scared
I'm waiting for...

They're at my door
But I'll be back again

Lonely. I'm wandering
Patrolling for enemies
No one listens but I'm ok with it

5. Is Anybody Home?

Goodbye, the Future's sold out
There's no use screaming
Who thought we'd ever get this far
Tonight, your faith has come down
To money & a TV
Psychics who've never been to mars
And Nazis breast feeding
I know you must be upset
I can't find meaning
I'm sorry, we're sorry
We're all scared, all scared

Hey, is anybody home
Has anybody wasted tears on
the loneliness
That everyone becomes
Goodnight, the truth has come out
Everyone's needy
White teeth, a ticket to meet God
Be all that you envy
The shotgun under your bed has
Started breathing
You shot it, you shot it
I'm bare, I'm bare

Hey is anybody home
Has anybody painted fear
On the bedroom walls that save us from...

6. Waited

Hit the ground
Weighed down again
You walked out
But I'm sure you're my friend

It must have been good
This can't be for good
Is everyone ok

I waited
But I must be too dumb to be proud
Because I waited, I waited

Woke to sounds
I prayed you were there
I fell back down
But I'm sure you still care

7. Thief

I don't want to understand this horror
Theres a weight in your eyes that I can't admit
Everybody ends up here in bottles
But the name tags the last thing that you wanted
As the world explodes we fall out of it
But we can't let go because this
will not go away
There's a house built out in space...

I can't see that thief that lives inside of your head
But I can be some courage at the side of your bed
I don't know what's happening and I won't pretend
But I can be your...

Someone help us understand who ordered
This disgusting arrangement with time and the end
I don't want to hear who walked on water
Because the hallways are empty and the clock ticks 

8. Lying Awake

I'm here to wear you out
I'm here to watch you hide
Nothing to figure out
I'm here to wacth you die
Running away from the breats of
Your busy giant healing machine

Nobody left in line
No one to make you shine
Hanging on to the backs of opinions
You're borrowed & betrayed

Lying awake
Don't ask why you should pay for this
A mother
A shameless abusing
But this time we're saving you
I'm here to break you down
I'm here to bury time
Nothing to talk about
Nothing to change my mind

9. Annie

You're a little bit shy
A little too quiet
You're the mixed up girl
That everybody leaves behind
A little bit weird
A little too bright
But you just might be
That little bomb at thier side
They'll pull your hair
They'll leave you wide eyed
But did anybody wonder
What Annie might have in mind
Oh, no

There's something in the way she explains to me
"Please be careful, I exist in someone else's head"
There's something in the way that she makes believe
Please becareful
Annie dreams that everyone is dead

You're a little bit dry
A little up tight
You're the messed up girl
That everybody tries to hide
You've had enough
They're too unkind
But did anyone consider
What Annie might have in mind
Oh, no...

10. Consequence of Laughing

Take all your pills and divide them
By color & size
Take all your problems and advise them
That everything's fine
Since you ran away you've been beating
Your habits to death
But if you were to stay would you feed them
This white happiness

Nobody wants to harm you
When your outside
But it's hard to believe
When everyone's killing time
Somebody knows
That you're not laughing

Take all your pills and divide them
By number and might
Take all your problems chastise them
Because everything's fine
Since you've ran away you've been beating
Those ladders instead
But if you were to stay would you feed them
With violence and...

11. Stealing Babies (featuring Elvin Jones)

I'm teething on the answers you're saving
How are you going to make me understand
I'm dreaming while your stealing babies
How are you going to help me sleep again
How should I say "I'm so sorry"
How should I pray to know that we're alive

Eve stands alone
By the knock on the Door
By the thin in her bones
She's courages & loving  
Exhausted & cold

She's not ready to go
But the ghost on the phone
Helps her safely into her dream

You're leaving pieces of family
How are you going to help them understand
I'm screaming while you're stealing babies
Why do you want to knock us down again 

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