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Our Lady Peace's Jeremy Taggart

Modern Drummer, November 1997

"Jeremy Taggart rules!" was scrawled on a note that recently showed up at the Modern Drummer Offices.  The young Canadian Drummer obviously has his fans.  Apparently so does the the band he plays in, the Toronto-based foursome Our Lady Peace.
    OLP's second albums , Clumsy, was just released, making it clear why Taggart is perking drummer's ears.  Jeremy has an energetic style that sounds as if it's inspired by players like Matt Cameron and Dave Abbruzzese-a heavy alternative approach with lots of power and good technique.  But there's another element in the mix as well:  Taggart doesn't hold back.  He plays with an abandon-almost a cockiness-that reminds one a bit of, dare we say it, the great Keith Moon.  Fire and freedom burst from his drums.
    Taggart's flowing, free-style approach makes his parts tough to transcribe, as he doesn't often repeat patterns over and over.  Jeremy constantly embellishes and adds rhythmic commentary to the music around him.  That said, the following  examples, taken from Clumsy, are the "core" patterns he plays.  Pick up the record to hear Jeremy elaborate on these beats,   as well as to get a load of some of the fun fills he plays.
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