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July 12, 2000

Finger Eleven has been added to the Summersault 2000 bill, they will be at all dates across Canada. For more information go to

June 21, 2000

Just added a posting board here you can talk about olp or whatever there. And you may have noticed that this page recently celebrated it's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it's been up 3 years already! crazy

May 30, 2000

Summersault is coming to a city near you! They remembered the west this year! Except they are going to crap ass edmonton instead of CALGARY! But at least the're coming!

The line up is:

The Smashing Pumpkins
Our Lady Peace
Foo Fighters
A Perfect Circle
The Catherine Wheel
Treble Charger
Eve 6
Deftones (Vancouver)

(don't you think OLP should be headlining!?)

Check out more info at

February 19, 2000

Ok I have revamped the pictures so they are all numbered and in order, and easy to navigate, and for the next moron who says I need more pics, all I have to say is I have one of the largest selection of group photos, and I refuse to put up individual photos, as I want to represent OLP as a band! not as individuals, they all make up the band, making them a group, hence 'group pictures'. alrighty then.

February 18, 2000

I've added 10 NEW PICTURES! Wow 10! how exciting! anyhoo... yeah so I split up the pictures into two pages as for those of you with slower connections don't have to wait an hour for all the thumbnails to download. So go check out the 10 new pics here.

February 12, 2000

Hey all! Went to the OLP concert on Feb 8 here in Calgary and it was so awesome! I got to meet them at the soundcheck and all, I finally met them! Chantal K. was there too, it was cool. I have a review of the concert I will put up real soon and actually I have an old one for the '98 calgary concert so I'll try and put both up. As for new pictures I think I just about have all the group pictures I can find so far, if you know of more please e-mail me. Um... Anything else you want to see on my page?

January 26, 2000

Recent 'TH' (#181) News:

1. OLP will be performing at the Junos at the Skydome on Sunday [3/12].

2. OLP will be getting 'Intimate and Interactive' with VJ Rick "The Temp" Campanelli on Wednesday [1/26] at 8:00PM EST. Don't miss the pre-game show which starts at 7:30PM.

3. You can Win a pair of tickets to the OLP I & I on MuchMusic by calling 1-800-265-MUCH on Thursay [1/20] @ 5:30pm. Be ready to show them how much of a fan you are! You can also win tickets for the I & I at

4. If you live in the MuchUSA friendly cities of Dallas, New York, and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, then you have the opportunity to have your question and name read on MuchMusic's upcoming I & I with OLP. Send your questions to

5. Read a recent interview with Mike Turner online at At the site, you can enter a contest to win an autographed poster and a complete OLP discography including their latest singles.

6. The PPU Christmas mailing is on its way. The delay was due to the production house shutdown over the holidays. Also PPU will be conducting contests in support of the Blister tour. Check in with the hotline by calling 1-888-429-9979 or 905-737-8070 (in the Toronoto area).

7. If you had purchased tickets to the Millenium show, you can purchase tickets for the Ottawa Civic Centre [2/20] show before the general public does by calling the Civic Centre box office at 1-800-361-4595 this Thursday, [1/20] at 10:00 a.m.

8. The Ottawa Civic Centre [2/20] show tickets go on sale this Saturday [1/22]. You can buy tickets by calling the box office at 613-237-3800 or 1-800-361-4595 or going to any Admission Outlet or by clicking on the url below:
The Windsor Arena [2/21] show tickets go on sale this Friday [1/21]. You can buy tickets at the Chrysler Theatre box office by calling 519-252-6579 or 1-800-387-9181 or at the Windsor Arena Box Office by calling 519-256-4549.

January 18, 2000

I've just added the two new tour dates in Canada, to the tour dates page. I'm working on some new tabs, I've got a bunch of guitar tabs, I just need to put them up, and I need to find some bass tabs, if you know of any please e-mail me, that would be greatly appreciated. And not that it's anyone's business, but Raine and Chantal tied the knot on December 18, 1999.