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Sound Clips

These sound clips can not be found on "Clumsy" or "Naveed" but can be found on other albums, which are listed below the sound clip.

1. Naveed (Acoustic)
- "Q107's Concerts in the Sky"
2. Supermans Dead (Acoustic)
- "Clumsy Single"
3. Clumsy (Acoustic)
- "European Clumsy"
4. Automatic Flowers (Acoustic)
- "European Clumsy"
5. Tomorrow Never Knows
- "The Craft soundtrack"
6. The Needle and the Damage Done
- "Borrowed Tunes - A tribute to Neil Young"
7. Hope (Live)
- "Our Lady Peace, Live '95"
8. Car Crash (Live)
- "Live at the Troubador" (recorded in L.A. in 1997)

Midi's (you don't need RealPlayer to hear these)

1. Starseed (computer)
- This is sort of a computer version of Starseed, it has no singing
2. Supermans Dead (computer)
- This is also a computer version of Supermans Dead

You will need Real Player to listen.  If you don't have it, download it here for free!