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Our Lady Peace is a Toronto based Canadian music group. The members are:

Duncan Coutts, Raine Maida, Jeremy Taggart, and Mike Turner. Three years ago Raine Maida a first year criminology student at the University of Toronto, and Mike Turner, met and began playing with a success of rhythm sections. After agreeing to seek out players with as little musical common ground as possible, they joined with bassist Chris Eacrett and recent high school graduate Jeremy Taggart, a drummer influenced on the jazz of Miles Davis and John Coltrone. So they formed in Toronto in 1995 and with a demo tape of only three songs went out and accidently got themselves a record deal when they where actually only trying to get themselves gigs, but they soon became friends with producer Arnold Lanni and where offered a record deal and use of his studio. Naveed was created, the best cd ever made known to this world. (In my opinion) Then losing their bassist Chris Eacrett due to differences in the band, bassist Duncan Coutts joined the band, he was thier original choice for bassist but decided to finish school instead. They went and stayed up in Duncan's cabin and wrote their second album 'Clumsy' which was released in 1997 and soon became platinum here in Canada, and are now rapidly rising in fame in America. You can also find some of their other songs not on their albums but on sountracks such as "The Craft" with the song "Tommorow Never Knows" an old Beatles song. They also redid Neil Youngs "Needle and the Damage Done" which is on the cd "Borrowed Tunes - A tribute to Neil Young" You can also find the song 'Clumsy' on the soundtrack to "I Know what you did last summer". To hear these songs go to my Sound Clips section. There was rumor that Our Lady Peace is going to release a song that is'nt on any of the albums, but this is just a rumor. Lets keep our fingers crossed that "Trapeze" will be released as a single. Sorry this is'nt a very long biography but it gives you the basics and if you want to know any other information you can just e-mail me at (One of Our Lady Peace's greatest influences is the beatles.)